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The Only Home Painter & Commercial Painting Service You’ll Ever Need

Home Painting Service

Professional Interior Painting

We specialize in painting walls, trim, ceilings, and doors. Whether it’s a bedroom, basement, kitchen, hallway…whole floors, or even entire houses – we’re the best home painter in the business!

And we have hundreds of success stories and even more photos to prove it (you don’t need to take our word for it – check out the reviews left by real people just like you).

Top - Rated Business


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Our 6-step process

Home Painting Process

Want to know the exact process, step by step, that Precision follows? For interior home painting, we have 6-Step Home Painter Process for your house. Check it out here.

Staining & varnishing service

High-Quality Staining & Varnishing

We don’t have a perfect 5-Stars on Google for no reason. A huge part of what we do (and what leaves people so happy and satisfied with our work) is staining and varnishing.

This process can be one of the most difficult for do-it-yourself homeowners. But not for a Precision home painter. We know our sanding, staining, and varnishing like the back of our hands. Railings, stairs, fireplaces, and floors are the most common (and our specialty), but we’ve got it all covered no matter what it is.

Commercial Painting Service

Specialists in Commercial Painting

Every business wants a good first impression. Many people don’t realize how much impact a properly painted workspace has on the look and feel of a business.

At the same time, no employee wants to spend 9 hours a day in a place that feels cold, distant, and sluggish. Elevate your business space with our Precision Commercial Painting services. Transforming your workspace into a visually appealing and inviting environment is crucial to leaving a lasting impression on clients and employees alike.

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Top - Rated Business


Link to painting review on Google