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Painting Ideas & Photos From Our Work

Top colours of 2024

2024 Trending Painting Ideas

The world of paints and coatings has seen a consistent shift over the years. Performance, sustainability, new exciting colours, natural and eco-friendly materials…we’ve seen it all change over time.

As 2024 has hit, here are the top 3 trending & most popular colours we’ve been working with to give you some painting ideas:

1. Barren Plain
2. American White
3. Chantilly Lace

For a list of other paint colours that we use, check out the Dulux Colour System.

American White

Barren Plain

Simply White

Before & After

Before & After Photos

 Indoor Painting of bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, stairways, ceilings, trim, doors; Commercial Painting; Staining & Varnishing…see the results below!

Painting Gallery

Photos From Our Work

Below you’ll find a whole bunch of photos from our work over the last few years. Use them for inspiration – new painting ideas – and for proof that we are the best in the business.

Need more inspiration?

Even More Trends

If you’re looking for more painting ideas, 2024 is moving with some potentially industry-changing trends. Things like anti-bacterial paint, natural paint ingredients, self-healing paint, just to name a few. We’ll be sure to write about these trends as the year goes on, but for now please reach out if you have any questions!

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